zz85's bookmarklets

Welcome to zz85's collection of bookmarklets. Bookmarklets are browser bookmarks with functionality. They are a lightweight and simple alternative to browser addons or plugins which require no complex installation.

These bookmarklets began with some javascript experiments on zz85's blog. These code snippets later found its way to github for anyone curious enough to explore them. Use with responsibility and caution. :)

To "install", drag a bookmarklet link into your toolbar.

To run it, simply click on the bookmark on the webpages its indented to run on

To "uninstall", simply delete the bookmark.

Just for 18 Jan 2011

Clear Wikipedia SOPA Blackout Protest

New - ThreeInspector Tools

Head over to Three.js Inspector's page


Vimeo HD Video Downloader - Recovering your lost video files on vimeo.

Youtube HD Video Downloader- Recovering your lost video files on youtube.

Image Encoder - Turns image you click into a base64 encoded string.

Backwards (en/de)Coder - Reverse characters in all words of a webpage

Dyslexia Scramble - scrambles webpage to make you feel dyslexic

Big Pad - Makes your current tab a big textarea.

Note: these bookmarklets require internet connection to work as they run the latest copy from github